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Smart Start: Experiential Learning

Campers will have the opportunity to learn many of the following skills: make a website, design with a digital pen tablet, take a professional photo, edit a video, make a logo, build a Knex race-car, fly an aerial drone [safety size of course, and indoors in a controlled environment]

We believe in preparing our children of today to be the successes of tomorrow. This can be achieved in a fun, energy-filled way that is sure to leave your child excited to tell you about the day and eager for what tomorrow will bring. We integrate time-management and project planning into the curriculum in a fun and creative way to teach valuable lessons in budgeting, planning and scheduling time. Campers have access to a control panel and dashboard in a scaled-down version of what our professional team uses. This allows your child to build valuable life-skills that are not taught in school, developing positive habits while enjoying the activities they love!

Regards, William Komer Executive Director Smart Start Camp 519-266-3568 ext. 700


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