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Ready for Summer Camp 2022?

Thank you for your registration and here are all the details about our camp 2022.

Arrival and Registration are from 8:00 am to 9:00 am at the South Entrance, 533 Clarence Street, London Ontario. There will always be someone in front of the door, if you do not see anyone, please wait until he/she comes.

Parents should Provide a water bottle and lunch for kids; smart start camp has a fridge and microwave for their lunch.

Campers do not need to bring any laptop or other gear except for their lunch, some snacks, and water bottle.

Please note that any digital devices are not allowed during camp as they may distract the other kids from activities. Devices will be collected upon arrival and registration time and returned at the end of the day. In case of emergencies, or parents need to talk with their kids, please call the camp staff at 519-266-3568.

Pickup time is 5 pm to 5:30 pm. Please come on time as after 5:30 pm our staff needs to head home as well. The pickup location is the South Entrance (same as drop-off), 533 Clarence Street, London, Ontario. There is always someone in front of the door, if you do not see anyone, please wait until he/she comes. We have a sign-in sheet where you will mark down the drop-off and pick-up times along with your initial. There is a Media Release form that will be signed on the first day to cover camp photos, videos etc. Other than that, there is no additional paperwork. If a camper is being picked up by anyone other than the listed contact, please let us know on day one and indicate these special instructions on the sign-in/sign-out sheet. You may be asked to present photo ID during pick-up, so please be sure to have photo ID ready in case it is requested.

Please be aware that if your kid starts to argue or fight with the others, based on our policy, we will give them 2 notices and talk with them in private about their behaviour, but for the third time, we will be forced to call parents and ask them to pick up the kid and will no longer allow them to re-join the camp for the remainder of that week or entire summer. Plus, no refunds due to child misbehaviour will be issued.

If your kid has symptoms of COVID or any other disease, please have them stay at home until fully recover.

Masks are not required, but we will have masks and hand sanitizers as needed, and air filtration systems are in full operation in every room.


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